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What is Grimms’ Mad Tales?

A mash up of flash mob, story slam, costume parade and street theater. A spectacular, outdoor, large-scale promenade event at the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival this fall.

Method Machine’s production of Mad Tales of Rochester uses the stories of the Brothers Grimm, a provocative collection of 209 tales for children and adult, including such classics as Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Costumed in colors inspired by the text, “Red as Blood, White as Snow, Black as Crow,” a cast of hundreds perform while the audience wanders the promenade in choose-your-own-adventure style. The cast are community members from all walks of life: students, adults, seniors, special interest groups, ethnic communities, families, friends, roommates and more!

          Performances are Sept 23 & 24 at 6:00 - 6:40 PM 

          Rehearsal Choices:

            Sept 10 RIT @ Noon - 2 pm (see map)

            Sept 11 RIT @ Noon - 2 pm (see map)
            Slaughter Hall, Rooms 2240-2210

            Sept 18 Lutheran Church @ Noon - 2 pm
            111 N Chestnut St, Rochester, NY 14604
            Street Parking


How does the audience experience Grimms’ Mad Tales

The performances are on Friday September 23 & Saturday September 24rd at 6:00, promptly. The performance is only 45-minutes long, so don’t be late! You can approach the performance area from Main Street and Gibbs Street or East Ave and Gibbs Street. Performers will be up and down the closed block of Gibbs near Eastman Theater, the Circle Garden at Eastman Place and in the Spiegelgarden.

The crowd will wander the performance and listen to the characters stories. Fans can search for their favorite characters, onlookers can hop from performance to performance or let the sounds of the stories direct you…

How is the show cast?

Performing is simple and inviting for anyone. There is no audition, memorization is not required and there is only one rehearsal to attend. Sign-up using the “Cast ME!” link. The casting call is spread throughout the community, reaching as many people as possible. Interested performers sign up on the casting website, are sent their story assignment (random) and then receive email newsletters with acting, movement and costuming videos. At a rehearsal the performers are introduced to the event layout, practice their parts in groups and participate in two short run-troughs of the final product. There are no age restrictions, but please note that performers are recommended to be age 10 and up.



What can performers expect?

 We have tried to make this as simple as possible. Sign-up and get cast. You will be randomly assigned a story and passage to read from it. Over the summer you will receive updates on the project and training videos on movement, voice and costume. Performers will create their own costume which will be limited to red, purple, white and black. (Why so strict? Color helps the audience in identifying performers from other audience members.)

 In September, we will hold three rehearsals, about two hours long and you only have to come to one! On the day of the performance, you will arrive to the site, check-in with the casting table and go to your assigned spot. When the bells rings, the performance will start and performers will take turns while the audience wanders around you.



Sept 15-24, 2016